Rules and Procedures

  • The Fifth Grade are strong advocates of the 3B's:  Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe! 

    Each fifth grade classroom contains a set of rules and expectations for each and every student to follow: 

    1.When walking in the hallway, the students should walk in a silent and straight line. 
    2.Come fully prepared for each class. 
    3.Respect Others 

    4.No water fountain during class~Students may bring waterbottles to class. 
    5.Follow the Give Me Five procedure. 

    • Give Me Five:  When a teacher, assistant, principal, visiting parent, special guest speaker, etc. holds up their hand, the students will give that person five.  1.Eyes on Speaker; 2.Lips Closed; 3.Ears Listening; 4.Sit up Straight; 5.Hands and Feet Quiet. 

    Now that we are at the Middle School/High School, we have some new rules to add to our agenda: 

    • Students must be attentive and respectful during class.  Anyone who does not follow this rule will be subject to a 15 minute time out which is a detention in a separate classroom. 

    Discipline Procedures at the Intermediate School 

    Here is a list of terms that you need to know: 

    ISD:  In School Detention:  ISD is assigned to any student(s) who is/are being disruptive to the learning environment.  This is a 15 minute time out. 
    ISS:  In School Suspension:  ISS is assigned to any student(s) whose actions/behavior have prompted an all day suspsension which will take place in the ISD room.  If a student is sent to ISD twice in one day, this will result in an ISS.  Any student who has been sent to ISD 5 times in a consecutive school year will be assigned ISS. 
    OSS: Out of School Suspsension:  OSS is assigned to any student(s) whose actions/behavior have prompted an out of school suspsension.  Punishment can result in 1-10 days of OSS depending on the severity of the actions/behavior.