Tips for Parents/Guardians

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    Tips for Parents 
     All children can learn! 
    They simply need to: 
    1) Place value or importance upon learning. 
    2) Become confident in their own abilities. 

    I look forward to working with my students this year and know how important these children are. You, as a parent can help make your child's year successful!
    Be positive and encouraging. 
    1. Focus on your child's strengths. 
    2. Be patient. 
    3. Help your child develop positive attitudes toward school.
    Help your child get organized. 
    1. Have materials ready. 
    2. Check your child's homework planner. 
    3. Develop a clear schedule at home.
    Ask questions that guide your child, without telling them what to do. 
    1. Ask about how to get started on a problem. 
    2. Ask your child to explain what they are doing and why instead of you teaching them how to solve a problem. 
    3. A good question opens up a problem and supports an explanation (NOT 'yes' or 'no' answer!)
    If you need more help...... 
    This website offers homework help and interactive activities for all major math areas.
    This website has many instant-answer, self-help math solvers to assist your child with homework and help find solutions to his/her problems.
    If you STILL cannot find an answer... 
    1. Have your child write down a question to ask the teacher. 
    2. Make sure he/she asks the teacher BEFORE class begins.
    3. Have your child TRY to work out a problem, even if he/she is not sure if the solution is correct.
    Never Give Up!