Homework Tips

  •  Benefits and Rationale

         Homework is meant to provide further extension of concepts learned in class.  Repetition is extremely important in learning spelling words and math facts.  Second graders benefit from learning the study skills, responsibility, and organization that they will rely on in higher grade levels.

    Homework Tips

     1) Your child must write homework in his or her assignment book.

    2) Initial your child's homework book nightly.

    3) Set up a study area for your child.

            -Plenty of light

            -Away from distractions

            -Comfortable setting

    4) Have the necessary tools readily available.

             -pencils (sharpened)




    5) Schedule Daily Homework Time

            -Help your child develop good habits by encouraging him or her to start homework at the same time each day.

    6) Encourage Your Child to Work Independently

             -Homework teaches children responsibility. Through homework, children learn skills they must develop if they are going to grow to be independent, motivated and successful adults.