Ms. Killion

  • Birthday: May 5th, 1976                         

    Grew Up: On River Rd. in Yardley, PA.

    Education: Villa Joseph Marie H.S. ( Holland, PA ) 

                            Associates Degree - Bucks County Community College ( Newtown ) 

                            Bachelor's Degree -   Holy Family University ( Philadelphia )  

                            Master's Degree - Gratz University ( Philadelphia )


    Daughter:  Elizabeth ( 15 )

    Daughter:  Sandra ( 12 )

    Hobbies:  I LOVE to read, to go to the pool, and to sleep past 7am on the rare occasion my daughters allow me to!

    Something you might not know about me:  I have multiple trophies for APA billiards.

    Favorite Book: Anything by Orson Scott Card

    Favorite Movie:  Dead Poets Society ( an early Robin Williams movie )

    Years at Morrisville: 17