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    There is lots to learn and enjoy before middle school and we are looking forward to spending this exciting year with your students. The key to a successful year is a strong communication between the teacher, parents/guardians, and students. We hope this website is helpful in keeping you updated on your students’ academics. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. We look forward to working with your children this year!


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    ***Please be sure to check out You can access the textbook, workbook, and all resources to ensure your child's success!




    -Journey's reading text- 

    • Brand new, cutting edge, many components
    • Includes reading, grammar, spelling, writing

    -Novels read together as a class

    -PSSA test taking strategies


    • Many authors
    • Various genres

    Team Approach: 

    -Whole group instruction

    -Small group (differentiated instruction)

    • Strategic Intervention for Title I
    • Intensive Intervention for learning support
    • ELL Extra Support for English language learners 

    Importance of Good Literature: 

    -Literature read aloud in class by teacher

    -Awareness of authors

    -Partner read in class

    -Every child should have his or her own public library card

    -It's very important to read aloud to your child AT ANY AGE

    Social Studies Units: 

    • Native Americans
    • European Exploration
    • The Thirteen Colonies/Colonial Life 

    Science Units: 

    • Science Inquiry 
    • Nutrition
    • Motion and Design



    • We will be using a successful writing program called Four Square in order to sharpen students writing skills.  The program is very enjoyable for young authors and helps them to gain confidence while writing.  I encourage you to work at home with your child while they are exploring the brainstorming, planning, writing, editing and publishing processes. 

    Types of Writing

    • Informational Writing:  Writing to inform your reader. 
    • Persuasive Writing:  Writing to persuade your reader to agree with your point of view. 
    • Narrative Writing:  Writing to tell a story to your reader. 
    • Text Dependent Analysis. (TDA)

    Writing Final Drafts:

    • All final drafts may be typed or written in pencil.



    • One double sided worksheet that will include a Math assignment and/or Reading/Spelling/Grammar assignment
    • All students are expected to read 20 minutes a night!
    • Most final drafts of writing assignments will become homework unless they are finished in class. 
    • Studying for content specific tests, quizzes, and performance assessments. 


    • 2-3 day notice will be given before tests and quizzes
    • Writing assessments
    • Social Studies and Science tests and quizzes
    • Bi-weekly Reading/ Spelling/ Grammar/ Vocabulary tests
    • Math quizzes at the end of each unit.